A continuación te mostramos un listado con todas las campañas de Age of Empires II Definitive Edition ordenadas por aparición en las diferentes expansiones/ampliaciones del juego. Podrás ver además una relación de todos los escenarios que contiene cada campaña, con links a la wikipedia inglesa, la más completa y actualizada en este aspecto. Para cada escenario tendrás disponible su descripción, objetivos, consejos, estrategia recomendada... e incluso una transcripción de la intro.

¿Te gustaría jugarlas en orden histórico? Te dejamos la fecha de campañas y batallas históricas.

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William Wallace
Europa, 1297
Marching and Fighting · Feeding the Army · Training the Troops · Research and Technology · The Battle of Stirling · Forge an Alliance · The Battle of Falkirk
Juana de Arco
Eurpa, 1429
An Unlikely Messiah · The Maid of Orleans · The Cleansing of the Loire · The Rising · The Siege of Paris · A Perfect Martyr
África, 1154
An Arabian Knight · Lord of Arabia · The Horns of Hattin · The Siege of Jerusalem · Jihad! · The Lion and the Demon

Genghis Khan
Asia, 1206

Crucible · A Life of Revenge · Into China · The Horde Rides West · The Promise · Pax Mongolica

Europa, 1155

Holy Roman Emperor · Henry the Lion · Pope and Antipope · The Lombard League · Barbarossa's March · The Emperor Sleeping
Atila el Huno
Eurpa, 445
The Scourge of God · The Great Ride · The Walls of Constantinople · A Barbarian Betrothal · The Catalaunian Fields · The Fall of Rome
El Cid
Europa, 1072
Brother against Brother · The Enemy of my Enemy · The Exile of the Cid · Black Guards · King of Valencia · Reconquista
América, 1519
Reign of Blood · The Triple Alliance · Quetzalcoatl · La Noche Triste · The Boiling Lake · Broken Spears
Batallas de los Conquistadores Tours (732)  · Vinlandsaga (1000)  · Hastings (1066)  · Manzikert (1071)  · Agincourt (1415)  · Lepanto (1571)  · Kyoto (1582)  · Noryang Point (1598)
Escenario oculto The Saxon Revolt
Europa, 410
All Roads Lead to a Besieged City (The Battle of the Frigidus) · Legionaries on the Horizon! (Razing Hellas) · Emperor of the West (The Belly of the Beast) · The Sack of Rome (The Giant Falls) · A Kingdom of Our Own
Europa, 1448
The Dragon Spreads His Wings · The Return of the Dragon · The Breath of the Dragon · The Moon Rises · The Night Falls
Europa, 1068
Arrival at Bari (Definitive Edition) · The Rebellion of Melus (Definitive Edition) · The Great Siege (Loose Ends) · The Best Laid Plans · The Onrushing Tide
Europa, 1424
An End and a Beginning (Mercenaries and Masters) · O Fortuna (His Own Man) · The Hand of a Daughter (Prodigal Son) · The Ambrosian Republic (Blood and Betrayal) · A New Duke of Milan (Viva Sforza!)
El Dorado
Amércia, 1540
Tales of La Canela · The Split · The Amazones · The Cannibals
Asia, 1178
A Promising Warrior (Born of Fire) · The Digvijaya (Definitive Edition) · The Elopement (Hand of a Princess) · Battles of Tarain (The Fate of India) · The Legend of Prithviraj
Batallas de los Olvidados Bukhara (557)  · Dos Pilas (648)  · York (865)  · Honfoglalás (895)  · Langshan Jiang · Kurikara (1183)  · Cyprus (1191)  · Bapheus (1302)
Escenario eliminado Kaesong
Tariq ibn Ziyad
Äfrica, 711
The Battle of Guadalete · Consolidation and Subjugation · Divide and Conquer · Crossing the Pyrenees · Razzia
África, 1235
Hunted · The Sting of the Scorpion · Djeriba Gold · Blood on the River Bank · The Lion's Den
Francisco de Almeida
África, 1505
The Old World · Lion of Africa · Ruins of Empires · Estado da India · A Son's Blood
África, 960
Path of Exile · The Right Partner · A Fallen Crown · Broken Stelae · Welcome Home

Asia, 1310

The Story of Our Founders · Unconditional Loyalty · The Oath to Unify Nusantara · Serving the New King · The Pasunda Bubat Tragedy
Asia, 1006
Usurpation · Quelling the Rebellion · A Dangerous Mission · Challenging a Thalassocracy · Nirvanapada
Asia, 1550
The Burmese Tigers · The Mandalay Cobra · The Royal Peacock · The White Elephant · The Old Tiger
Le Loi
Asia, 1385
The Dai Viet Uprising · The Mountain Siege · The Battle at Hanoi · Reaching South · A Three-Pronged Attack · The Final Fortress
El Arte de la Guerra Early Economy · Booming · Rushing the Enemy · Fast Castle Age · Defending Against A Rush · Land Battle · Destroying a Castle · Naval Battle · Battle Formations
Amércia, 1430
A New Power Arises · The Field of Blood · War of Brothers · The Falcon's Tent · Like Father, Like Son
Asia, 1370
Amir of Transoxiana · Gurkhan of Persia · Harbinger of Destruction · Sultan of Hindustan · Scourge of the Levant · A Titan Amongst Mortals
Europa, 1278
A Most Unlikely Man · An Unlikely Alliance · Tsar of the Bulgars · Echoes of Heroes · Where the One-Eyed Man is King
Koten Khan
Europa, 1228
Raising the Banners · The Battle at the Kalka River · Saving the Huts · Blood for Blood · A New Home
Eduardo el Zanquilargo
Europa occidental, 1264
Vain Ambition · A Man of God · Of Castles and Kings · Toom Tabard · Hammer of the Scots
Los Grandes Duques de Occidente
Europa occidental, 1407
A Kingdom Divided · The Wolf and the Lion · The Cleansing of Paris · Unholy Marriage · The Hook and Cod Wars · The Maid Falls
Los Hautevilles
Europa occidental, 1047
Guiscard Arrives · Roger in Sicily · Bohemond and the Emperor · Bohemond in the East · Wonder of the World


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